Bosch vs IFB – Which Washing Machine should you go for?

Featured Image of the difference between Bosch vs IFB washing machines in India

Majority of the people who are looking to buy one of the best washing machines for their house get slightly stuck between Bosch vs IFB washing machines. There’s only one common question – Which one to go with?

Irrespective of other reputed brands such as LG, Samsung, etc., you still have decided to read this article because both brands are leaders in the Washing Machines Market.

With that said, in washing machines, there are still many varieties, technologies, features, advantages & disadvantages.

Now, I’m not sure as to what exactly you are looking for? So, to answer all your questions and to clear all your doubts in depth. I’m going to briefly describe the comparison of both models in as many variations as possible. This is to make sure you get a clear picture of what’s in it for me: )

My goal here is to mention every detail related of both the models to make your job even more comfortable. Also, the fact that you don’t have to research anywhere else.

We will first discuss the overall quality of both the brands, the technologies they use, and how the market is going on for both of them. Once done, I’ll then suggest to you some of the models that you can go with!

Without taking much time, let’s jump right in:-

IFB vs Bosch – [ Comparison Overview ]

Image of the comparison between IFB vs Bosch washing machine

Initially, Bosch had some great models of washing machines, but their prices were slightly high.

At the same time, IFB was considered to be slightly economical. Now, the time has changed, you can see several great models of great washing machines from Bosch at the best competitive prices.

With IFB, you need to purchase a stand on which it needs to be kept, which results in additional charges. However, with Bosch, a stand isn’t required.

In terms of price, both the brands are on the same page. You can get great products from both of them with a very minimal price difference.

With IFB washing machines, it is advised to use either Surf Excel, their detergent, or any sort of premium one. However, with Bosch, you can use any detergent, any of it would achieve great results.

Bosch is a large multinational German engineering company. Hence they use German technology in their products, whereas IFB uses Indian technology.

Their build quality is robust and feels durable. Bosch is one of the promising brands, and their machines have an extended lifespan.

There was a time in the recent past wherein IFB slipped a bit in providing exceptional value and services to their customers. They weren’t able to provide timely service and installation for some reason. 

They’ve covered this now and back on track. You’ll still get great value from the brand. At the same time, Bosch is an excellent brand as its primary focus is on customer experience & satisfaction.

Lastly, I’d say Bosch washing machines have better build quality, great designs, and impressive features. Their machines are beneficial and barely make any noise or vibration. 

With that said, IFB is an Indian brand, and they, too, provide the same features, just that the features are named differently. In conclusion, IFB is not as high as Bosch but still a leading brand to go with if you have budget constraints.

Since I’ve mentioned many facts, I am sure it is a tough decision to make, but we still have to win the game.

Below, I am going to mention a few models of both the washing machines and their differences. Let’s get started!

Bosch vs IFB – Top Load Washing Machines [ Recommended ]

Image of Bosch vs IFB - Top Load Washing Machines Recommendation

(i) Bosch 7 KG Fully Automatic Top Load (WOE704Y1IN)

Image of Bosch 7 KG Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

So, number one, we have an excellent model from Bosch. For the last couple of years, this model is getting a considerable amount of positive reviews.

You can check it on any retail marketplace. It is a massive success for them. Well, they actually deserve it: the reason being, the fantastic customer service, and a great experience.

After all, there’s only one rule of success in the market. You give value, and people will eventually reward you for your hard work.

It has a capacity of 7KG, which I feel can serve more family members than in a medium-sized family.

There are cities in India wherein there is the water pressure and availability issues. Hence, this machine is ideal for these places. It can work perfectly fine in low water pressures as well of around 0.3 Bar.

You’ll get access to multiple wash programs, including Refresh, Bedsheets, Drum Drying, Quick Wash, Intensive, Delicates, Jeans & Daily Wash. You can use any of the modes depending on the fabric requirement.

It has a child-proof lock feature, which makes it entirely safe for your kids. You’ll see a digital display right at the top, informing you about the delay start status & time remaining.

During the operation, if you open the lid, the automatic tub automatically stops. There is a buzzer sound at the end of the washing cycle to inform you that the process is completed.

You’ll get access to multiple control buttons, including Program Selection, Delay Start, Water Level, Start/Reload, Power, Wash, Rinse, Speed Time & Spin Time.

So, this was about 7KG. You can check more or fewer capacities right here. Let’s now review the features overview.

Features Overview:-

  • Brand:- Bosch
  • Model:- WOE704Y1IN
  • Function Type:- Top Load Fully Automatic 
  • Washing Capacity:- 7 KG
  • Washing Method:- Pulsator
  • Spin Speed:- 680 RPM
  • In-built Heater:- No
  • Color:- Grey

You can access the link below to check the real-time price & reviews.

Image to check price at amazon

(ii) IFB 7KG Fully Automatic Top Load ((TL-SDG)

Image of IFB 7KG Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

When it comes to IFB, buyers usually get confused within so many models. Additionally, you’ll see many discrepancies out there.

IFB Aqua has got numerous reviews; most of them are from the happiest users. A lot of talking about areas of opportunities and inconvenience.

So, why have I selected this in the list, it’s pretty obvious? This machine is undoubtedly a value of your money altogether.

It has a unique Aqua energy feature, so, there is an inbuilt filter which removes the excess detergent from the clothes and helps it dissolve completely.

The Aqua Spa therapy treats the clothes as if they are human. It treats the clothes gently to avoid any damage. The process includes exfoliating, cleansing, hydrating, and entirely rejuvenating them so that your clothes remain fresh.

There’s also an Auto Softener Dispenser. It adds up a softener liquid at the start of the washing cycle, ensuring the clothes maintain their unique freshness.

The machine detects the load and divides it automatically in the tub to ensure it can save water and electricity both.

Most importantly, the deep clean technology acts tough on stubborn stains with the most effective process. This is to make sure the clothes become new every time you wash them.

Lastly, you get a four years comprehensive warranty & 10 years Spare parts support from IFB. Let’s have a look at the features. Also, click here to check higher capacities options.

Features Overview:-

  • Brand:- IFB
  • Model:- TL-SDG / SGDG 7.0KG AQUA
  • Function Type:- Top Load Fully Automatic 
  • Washing Capacity:- 7 KG
  • Washing Method:- Triadic Pulsator Wash
  • Spin Speed:- 720 RPM
  • In-built Heater:- No
  • Color:- Graphite Grey

You can click on the link below to check further price details for this model.

Image of Amazon Buy Button

Bosch vs IFB – Front Load Washing Machines [ Suggested ]

(i) Bosch 7 KG Fully Automatic Front Load (WAK2426SIN)

Image of Bosch 7 KG Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

I would strongly recommend you go with a front load washing machine, which needs to be fully automatic. You can also read the difference between fully automatic vs semi automatic washing machines for a better understanding.

The reason being, it makes your job very easy as it does the entire process of automation. With that said, we have Bosch here. I am sure you are going to like it the most.

It is again 7KG of capacity with a dimension of 85 x 60 x 60 cm and acquires very minimal space and gives an excellent touch to the interiors of the house.

It has the ability to serve more than a small-sized family. You will get multiple programs, including Rinse, Synthetics, Cottons Cold, Freshen Up, Super 15/30, Mix Load, Sportswear, Cotton 60D eco, Cotton 40D, Kids Wear, Lingerie, Wool, Delicates & Silk.

It has Anti-Vibration Side Panels that ultimately reduce noise & vibration, making it a silent but effective operation.

The Foam detection technology automatically detects the detergent and dissolves it thoroughly, making clothes entirely detergent free.

It has a speed perfect feature; just as the name suggests, it reduces the wash cycle time by around 65%, ensuring it to be the quickest process.

In terms of safety, they have done their best. The machine has multiple water protections and magnetic value, which reduces the risk of any sort of leakage.

Additionally, the volt monitors take care of the fluctuations.

It also includes a buzzer at the end of the washing cycle to notify. You’ll have access to the LED display screen right at the front, informing you regarding Spin Speed & remaining time details.

Last but not least, you get a two years comprehensive warranty on the overall unit. Besides, 12 years extended warranty on the motor from Bosch. You can check higher or lower capacities right here.

Let’s check out the features:-

Features Overview:-

  • Brand:- Bosch
  • Model:- WAK2426SIN
  • Function Type:- Front Load Fully Automatic 
  • Washing Capacity:- 7 KG
  • Washing Method:- Tumble Wash
  • Spin Speed:- 1200 RPM
  • In-built Heater:- No
  • Color:- Grey with Silver Shade

Have a look at the link below to check the real-time price & deals.

Image of Amazon Buy Link

(ii) IFB 7KG Fully Automatic Front Load (Inbuilt Heater, White)

Image of IFB 7KG Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

The second review of the IFB is a 7KG fully automatic front load model with a beautiful white color. 

Though there aren’t many reviews of this, however, it still provides an excellent wash experience. 

During a wash cycle, all the clothes aren’t designed with the same fabric material. Hence, they require different wash modes and dedicated scrubbing for an effective wash.

IFB has a great Cradle Wash feature in this machine. It is gentle with delicate clothes such as satin, laces, chiffon, silk, etc. This is to avoid any damage to the fabric while also providing a crystal bright wash.

It has a foam control system. The sensors of this machine prevent or, in any way, remove the excess foam and detergent from the clothes.

The Aqua Energy feature is excellent, the clothes that we wear require maintenance and extra care to increase their lifespan.

The appliance comes equipped with an inbuilt device that adds power to the water. There’s a filter treatment, which then dissolves the water thoroughly for an exceptional wash experience.

There is a Laundry add option, as well. You can add more laundry in case you forget any by merely pausing the wash cycle.

The Ball Valve technology helps in saving detergent to the best of its ability. It only lets the water come out and not the detergent to avoid any wastage.

You get an overall four years comprehensive warranty, and ten years of spare parts support from IFB. Take a look at the features below, also access here to check lower or higher capacity options.

Features Overview:-

  • Brand:- IFB
  • Model:- Serena WX
  • Function Type:- Front Load Fully Automatic 
  • Washing Capacity:- 7 KG
  • Washing Method:- Tumble Wash
  • Spin Speed:- 1000 RPM
  • In-built Heater:- Yes
  • Color:- White

Take a look at the link below to check the latest price & deals.

Check price at Amazon button

So, above I’ve shared one model each for top and front load for both the brands, I’ve filtered them out after a lot of research.

Not to forget, I’ve mentioned the 7KG capacity reviews, after the end of each review, you’ll find a highlighted link to check different capacities.

Now, I’d like to present a table for all four models, that will make it even easier for you to understand the exact difference.


So, that was all about the comparison between Bosch vs IFB washing machines in India. I hope this article was helpful to you.

We discussed some of the great models from both the brands and how they work. I hope you will be able to make the right choice for your home.

Additionally, if you’d like me to review any specific model or brand, please do let us know in the comment section below.

I’ll be glad to get it done, also do let me know which one did you finally go for.

Feel free to give any suggestions, after all, your feedback matters!

Hi, I am Shubham Sachdeva, a super dashing gadget freak with more than 7 years of International customer service & sales experience. My ultimate motive is to provide my readers & users a value they deserve. I am super passionate about my work. After hours of comprehensive research, I prepare a presentation of top products in the form of ( Top & Best ) lists. These products are indeed rated based on various parameters that includes user reviews, overall ratings, star category, quality, pricing, brand quality & a lot more. Below you can follow me @official_
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